Hi Archers, I hope this helps you out!
It took me a long time to put this one together so thanks for waiting Archers 🙂

Archero Hero Spreadsheet:

Thanks TheDoctor and Hammer!

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  1. SuperTeeds says

    Sorry this took so long! This is probably the hardest video I've ever worked on and I hope it isn't too confusing. I was mostly confused myself while trying to figure it out but it all worked out in the end. I'll work on the next Chapter Guide. Let me know if there is anything more specific you would like me to find out regarding Heroes, Sapphires and the Upgrade System 🙂

  2. Gökhan Kazanç says

    Your videos are too long.

  3. Brandon Smith says

    I cannot upgrade past level 57. Every character’s max is 57. This is really getting on my nerves. What’s wrong with mine?

  4. Jhonlee Sj Concepcion says

    How about if using Meowgik?

  5. NappaZama says

    HELP!!! still dont get how to use my sapphire,it says i have 633/30 im currently using Taranis and im in level 34/40 how do i move sapphire where do i place the saphire i dunnnooo!!!

  6. Alexgamingyz says

    sapphire is not a problem. its really coins thats hard to the point i am



  8. Aspi Wri says

    I find chapter 13 the best to farm saphires. Even in a bad 30 lvl run i get 30 to 40 sapphires

  9. Junichiro Izawa says

    Thanks for the fantastic guides Teeds!!!

  10. Jack Smith says

    just got to chapter 3

  11. John Nunez says

    Wanted to if you lvl all 3 items to Max’s before you fuse do you get a bounce

  12. Bradley 422 says

    Please check out the Super Duper game. Its another Archero clone. Only this one is about super heroes and you can switch-get this- between full health super heroes with powers earned transferred from one to another, apart from their own powers/health/quirks on every 5th stage. The graphics are pretty neat, but it doesn't have the extra layers in the hub/menu, not even gems. The only currency is coins. It doesn't even have a lucky wheel of fate. You earn coins and upgrade each character with just that- coins. I kind of dig it, but being an Archero Aficionado, nothing compares to the OG. I just heard of it today right before I downloaded it and after it installed I noticed that it said "EARLY ACCESS" near the title. I only hope that it being "early access" they will improve on the game like Archero did. It has potential. But I still like Archero the best.

  13. PH Memes Compilations says

    Can someone help me. In change hero section i dont have a option that upgrades my hero. I am even done on chapter 5 lost castle and i cant collect or seen a sapphire is this a bug??

  14. Phlexstone says

    I only upgrade Phoren, since he is my only hero I play. I am at lvl 32 now ;D

  15. steve v says

    thanks for doing the math, I just didn't understand the "all heros" stats, I totally get it

  16. Carl Wood says

    Teeds you a princess, so beautiful and lovely, i am a prince so it would figure i need a princess 🙂 GREAT VIDS!!! thank you so much :p

  17. Ioanes Emanuel says

    Hey i saw a lot of your videos i have a question, im newbie just started 3 days ago what do u think is better scythe rare or epic bow? And why please, thanks a lot

  18. Mititi Daniel says

    Am I the only one who can use hero mode without completing the 3rd world or whatever?

  19. Jakub Szurgot says

    Which hero is the best without Onir and Rolla?

  20. scooter says

    Saphires and the system unlock once you beat chapter 2

    Source i haven't beat chapter 3 yet and have a level 2 hero now lol

  21. Archero Chapter Gameplay says

    This made it so much easier! Jumped a few chapters because of Helix upgrades.

  22. Ratakias7 says

    I am at chapter 12. Anyone know if they will add more chapters soon?

  23. Bea Marie Encinas says

    I only upgraded Atreus ☹️

  24. Bacanu Marius says

    This system with heroes upgrades,nice I almost completed 2 chapters 6 and 7 lvl 15 just in 30 minutes.

  25. izuku midoriya says

    Should I buy helix or wait till they add a new hero?

  26. aleqsandre mchedlidze says

    how do you have so much gold? like 100k and more? u just play so much or what, pls reply

  27. Ali Akkurt says

    Guys should I buy 10 epic chests or new heroes?

  28. James Gaisano says

    Hey teeds i watched all your videos i just have 1 question what do you use most scythe or tornado? Tia!

  29. Dave Steven Buenaventura says

    Tnx for the help with chapter 7. Coz of your vid I finished that. I'm now at chapter 10. But the bosses are way too hard. Thats with my fire hero at lvl 50. 🙁 Hope u can make a vid for chapter 10

  30. Jim Deng says

    A good way to use energy efficiently is to start the chapter and die as fast as possible. Over a day you will accumulate 24 runs, which you probably wont play all. By starting a round you will get to roll the wheel for gold and gain the same xp regardless how far you made it. This way I accumulated over a million gold easily with no way to spend.

  31. Petite Gaufrette says

    Hero upgrade is actually sooo strong ^^ I finally finished world 7 thx to it, and completed word 8 on my first try (with one 30 gems revive) right after! I'm '' just '' lvl45 and never spent a dollar on this game ^^

  32. Tommy Wan says

    Sapphire Halloween event now spawns elite mobs. This wasn't the case even yesterday, can you confirm?

  33. LeleCraft says

    in chapter 12 drops 17-25 sapphire
    nice guide

  34. Gaming Complication says

    I have my fire hero lvl 37 and I'm lvl 40 lol. Should I use the Vest of Dexterity or the Void robe? I have my Void Robe lvl 35/40 since its epic. And the Vest of Dexterity is only lvl 5. I know the dodge +7% is good. The Void Robe has poison all enemies in the room. Should I stop upgrading my Void Robe and get the Vest of Dexterity up and use it? It is also Epic. And I've had a lvl 30 blue Death Scythe for the longest time and to where I need either 1 more gray, 1 more green, or blue, to get it epic. And i can never get any 😭😭😭 I'm stuck on Chapter 7 because I need that better damage 💪

  35. wolf_gaming says

    You can upgrade your hero after completing chapter 2

  36. Coachwolf says

    I've finally beat chapter 9 and I gotta say the things that helped me the most were the flying swords (although I couldnt get the toxic one 😔) and slow projectile. While dodging the flying swords can hit the enemy and slow projectile ofc makes everything slower for you to dodge easier. 🔥

  37. Javariz Mendoza says

    Iloveu so much superteeds

  38. Antiliani Archero says

    Hey Teeds amazing video again! Are you going to make a video about whether bow or scythe is strongest now for Helix? Would love to see a video about that. Thank you and have a nice day 😊

  39. Chris Ma says

    chapter 8 has a lot of item drops after Halloween event..

  40. Chris Ma says

    at lv57 for my urasil.. XD and getting other lv20 for phoren and others for now.

  41. Raymond Qian says

    This is a good guide but for many of the newer players like me that got caught up in between updates coins has been a major problem. You've been playing this game for probably a year at least which means u racked up quite the amount of savings. When the hero growth system update went live, I only had around 50k coins to account for and even upgrading a hero to about level 10 is alot of money. I think it was good that you addressed that you should stop upgrading your hero when it becomes too expensive, but I think the sapphires really isn't the issue at the moment (rather its the coins itself). Most of the experienced players can't even unlock the 2nd universal stat for each hero as their levels are usually not that high up yet.
    I think that after this guide you should definitely make a new coin management guide as for what to upgrade. I'm really stuck between upgrading my main hero, or the talent system because I'm at a point where upgrading my hero costs nearly as much as a talent upgrade.
    Great content by the way! Keep doing you!
    An archer stuck on Chapter 8 lvl 48 (Playing for about 5 months, never spent a penny on gems)

  42. Jhazzrun says

    personally i just settled on around 45 that i would invest in the lvl 20 bonuses i wanted on the other heroes. im not even looking at 60+ since thats ages away for me. im only at stage 8 and lvl 42 atm

  43. QG Shotz Bowen says

    I've been playing this game since it came out pretty much close to lvl 60 now but my question is, is anybody even close to 80 I feel like it would take me a good six months or so at least to get to lvl 80 as the lvling is so slow in high lvls

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