Author Marketing Breakdown | Easy tips to get more visibility on Kindle (and the other stores)


Want us to build you an amazing author website – no recurring payments? Check out our all-in-one author website theme, Authorcats – we’ll even set it up for you and handle all the boring techie stuff. Get more info here:

– How to write a novel in 30 days (free video course):
– How to find your first 10k readers (free on-demand workshop):
– Automate your author marketing:

– Thrillers: start with this one of mine:
– Sci-Fi:

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  1. Nick Stephenson says

    I've had an idea… want some feedback on your author website? If so, drop a comment with a link and I'll include my feedback in an upcoming video (I'll be nice!). NB: sometimes when you put links in a comment it goes into a moderation queue, but I'll make sure to go through 'em!

  2. Olayinka Emmanuel Dada says


  3. Andrew Williams says

    Ah, the right footwear at last!

  4. Lloyd Martin says

    Very good advice, but please tell us where the link to Authorcats is .. ?

  5. Pamela Hill says

    I assume the $497 for Authorcats is US dollars, so roughly in $NZ it would be $774.00, is that right?

  6. Voinks Voinks says

    Fill your boots! And yes, you can use it as an example of how not to do it. 😀

  7. Ian Worrall says

    Here's a link to my author website feel free to give whatever feedback will help

  8. CinnamonEdgeGroup says

    Helpful video, thanks 🙂 The licence for this, does it cover as many sites as we wish?

  9. Gordana Simonović says

    Compliments for your informative and interesting videos. I appreciate sharing your knowledge. I am interested in Authorcats but worry about some technical problems that may occur regarding payment methods for my books since I live in Montenegro, which is not in the EU yet. For example, I can send payments via PayPal but can not receive them from abroad to my Montenegrin bank account. Does your plug-in support payments through Payoneer from which I can perform the transfer of money to my bank account? Is it possible to perform payments via Payoneer? Does Authorcats support payment trough Visa and MasterCards?

  10. Christine Dillon says

    What plug in are you using for your books page? If you don't use – do you know what plugs in look best on that?

  11. Emma Baird says

    Learned a lot from you over the years, Nick. Thank you. (Pretty sure it's dreadful.)

  12. Rachel Dacus says

    A fantastically helpful video. Thanks so much for all the great ides you share! I'd welcome a critique of my author website.

  13. Patricia Finney says

    Hm. So I bought AuthorCats last year – and I'm very happy with it. How do I get this lifetime offer and how much is it?

  14. Simone Leigh says

    As always, great content. Those English Autumn walks are making me wistful… 🙂

  15. Pam Kleinsmith says

    Hi Nick, I would love for you to look at my website! I write middle-grade kids books, so my goal was to make the website fun, yet still highly functional. As a Your First 10k Readers student, I tried to follow your suggestions for a landing page, etc. Did I succeed?

  16. Marylee MacDonald says

    I use authorcats, and it's fabulous.

  17. Daina Rustin says

    Also, from those three million books, take out all those with a lousy cover, take out all those that are badly written and not edited well, then take out all those who aren't doing any marketing, and suddenly the number is a lot smaller.

  18. benas suzuki says

    thank you

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