Call of Duty®: Mobile – Introducing New Vision City

🏙🚊 Traverse the megalopolis!

🗺 Map out your visit to New Vision City before bringing the fight to our newest Battle Royal region in #CODMobile Season 7!

Download now, get ready for the new season, and play for free on iOS or Android –

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45 bình luận cho “Call of Duty®: Mobile – Introducing New Vision City

  1. COD Mobile, It's my humble request… Please bring back the Alex Mason character skin in the Battle Pass for one season atleast… I am desparately waiting to get that character from longtime… Please bring it back… 🙏

  2. Well, we need seriously Nerf in all Shotguns in Battle Royale mode. No have more ways to win with other classes

  3. By the way call of duty add the old zombies back i know it had a bad start but if you make a new map ir new mode it would be better

  4. Rewind has a huge bug that instead of me flashing back I only get a speed boost it's really annoying

  5. Dropzone should focus on this map only, even if it is on an Isolated map, maybe make it like Blitz or Alcatraz.

  6. Uhhh, so CODM is trying to be Apex Legends and not it’s own thing again. I hate to see where CODM is going.

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