(ENG/INDO SUB) NCT 127 Weekly Idol EP462


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Xiao Jun

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Weekly Idol NCT Sub Indo
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  1. budak boolat says

    seriously if have an award for the best senior artist that treat their junior well i think super junior deserve to win..can u see how comfortable all nct member with eunhyuk in this programme?like they are sibling or close friend..and how cool eunhyuk..😊😊😊😊😊

  2. Floral Flowers says

    Mystery: loud mic breather
    Mystery solved: jaehyun
    Nct127: shocked pikachu face

  3. Shabira Rahmadian says

    hey look how quietly Jaehyun is when the mystery of the breathing sounds is asked, even though the culprit is himself😂

  4. Chani Marin says

    yuta really never misses a chance to hug mark XD

  5. Ami Gunawan says

    Teayoung Kiyowo🥰🤩

  6. Sugino Gino says

    I'm so happy look jungwoo so happy and comfortable with the variety show now, he appears on the screen more often too, jungwoo~ya please keep healthy and happy💚💚

  7. Shannon Ho says

    Came back just to see Jaehyun laugh and have a smug look as the members point out everyone but him 😂

  8. Mariaelsbeth says

    Jaehyun dance just with his simple black outfit
    I cant breath

  9. Apple Shine Ruiz Tipon says

    Up until now I'm still curious about what Yuta's "signal". I mean lol what was that? YUTA SPILL IT.

  10. OneUp says

    SM PLEASE LET JOHNNY DO A GAG CONCERT!!! This dudes physical comedy is genius!!

  11. ExoMyStay KrisLa1507 says

    As long video I just Focus for Mark-eu say Yuta "KIYEOWOOOO".

  12. moon taeil's pores says

    I want taeil's hug too🥺

  13. Aulia Shiina says

    26:54 Why they're so serious discussing that old topic? 😂

  14. dandelion 's says

    25:34 I came back after knowing that Jaehyun was a suspect of breathing noises🤣🤣

  15. TeaCourt press says

    Woo came straight outa a ghibli movie 4 this episode 🖐️😳

  16. Nik Najihah says

    when Doyoung called out Eunhyuk
    Mark : is he really challenging him ???
    Yuta : are you ready to leave SM entertainment ?
    Haechan : the eight of us don't have a problem with you . Only him
    I can't stop laughing hahahahahaha

  17. Larissa Skyes says

    next time they play the game, everyone is going to call out jaehyun for his loud breathing sounds 😂😂

  18. maria istella Daily says

    Btw, the culprit was jaehyun 😂 they finally found it lol

  19. maria istella Daily says

    Jungwoo’s voice when he shouted “pu pu pu puuuuuuu” is so cute 😂

  20. 마그우 누나누지로이 says

    Weyyyy yg bikin sub indo sapa weyyy ngakak wkwkkww..

    Doohhh cinta segitiga Markeu, Atuy, sama uwu eaaaa🤣🤣

  21. Shelty Aty Pribadi says

    Johnny bareng curut curutnya🤣

  22. Yuli Wulandari says

    Sumpah suka banget sub nya lengkap banget sukaa😍 lah Makeu jarang mandi kalo mau tidur🤣 sama kok Mark gapapa😂😂😂

  23. Rianyvivi 10 says

    Kenapa sihh jungwoo tu uwu nya kebangetaann😂😂

  24. lena says

    the breathing into the mic is probably mark or taeyong bc it happened at the superm concert too 👀

  25. ireallydon'tknowwhattocallmehere says

    the way haechans personality changed when they got those boxer masks and when they got the beef

  26. Denice Adolfo says

    The love triangle that exists between
    Yuta – mark – jungwoo… Bromans💚

  27. Sarah Sri Rezeki says

    When Doyoung called Eunhyuk

    Meanwhile Yuta :

    "are you ready out of SM?"

    I can't😭😭😭

  28. Hesy Rosiana says


  29. 3 3HabibaNooralyaRamadhani says

    "Jung jaehyun pake all black, tidak baik untuk kesehatan"
    Jantungku yang kuat ya 🙂

  30. Caitlin Hall says

    "Fly like a rabbit and land like yuta" imma get that stitched on my pillow

  31. Trstxy lestari says

    13.38 is was so cute

  32. Yusyfi Nur A says

    kan jadi penasarann yuta mau ngespill apaan 🙃 alamat ga tidur nyenyak wkwk

  33. Ulya Diah Adifa says

    Kenapa lucu banget sih?!!!

  34. Purple Nuna says

    I can’t handle doyoung smile omg so beautiful

  35. Lilis Wati says

    subtitle indo kurang ajar ngakak adu T_T

  36. Catatan Pengkhayal says

    Doyoung don't be Taeoh please 😭

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