Epic Games Hacked My Account… *LOST HALF MY SKINS*


Epic Games Hacked My Account… *LOST HALF MY SKINS*
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Intro Song
Different Heaven – Nekozilla [NCS]

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  1. Jax Kirkland says

    Will you add me

  2. Maksim S says

    i feel bad for u

  3. logan millington says

    Can you gift me stuff please my epic is MetalBasket9662

  4. Anthony_Guerra08 says


  5. IwinToo 10 says

    Not all Texans sound like this while playing lol.😂😂😂

  6. Lucas LeBlanc says

    My brother Epic hack your account because you’re actually hacking you have aimbot

  7. Lucas LeBlanc says

    When you wake up you get on Fortnite five 3015 V-BUX five minutes later your account gets hacked and you lose all your skins and Vbux and you basically lose everything

  8. FireBoyGames says

    bro there was the rarest pickaxe in the item shop lul

  9. Renee D. Ray says

    Bro I work for epic games she needed it hahaha take the l

  10. Karma Hall says


  11. FoRcRaFt GaMeRs says

    You dude instead of supporting him you guys are saying it’s clickbait what will you think if it happens to you and people don’t believe you

  12. Jamie Jeraminas says

    I have never played Fortnite

  13. slappy winner says

    Its about having fun not skins

  14. Ryan Curry says

    I will by Mirtch if you send me a skin RoutineCicle64

  15. Ryan Curry says

    Can you gift me a skin please my name is RoutineCicle64

  16. Deyanira Sanchez says

    click bait he said he hacent got his skins back and he Lost infate dan but he has it aquiped

  17. booter says

    I like how he knew when to recorded

  18. Isaac Keast says

    U could sue em

  19. eoN Viirus says

    The old map😢

  20. Easton Wagner says

    Infinite dab was removed but still In his locker

  21. Easton Wagner says


  22. GZP says

    i am sorry

  23. Ninja’s Hyper says

    Clickbate it said infinite dab was removed and its in ur locker

  24. Jess Ponticell says

    First of all they cant do that

  25. Jonathan's Play World says

    Add me as friend then I’ll give you the skeleton thing

  26. Xander’s Gaming Adventure says


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