Funny Face, Lilwin Clash On United Showbiz

  1. Lynnet Lamptey says

    Am laughing kwaaa it real funny

  2. Kwame Tenkorang says

    I support funny

  3. sylvia Sylvia says

    Oh funny face 🙃

  4. Alex Arhin says

    The seat is Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. kingsley Agorku says

    Funny face is immatured

  6. Ekow BlinkY says

    No long talk You will see Funny face he don't have respect in at Home..Everything was cause by funny face with is bad…

  7. Pokuaa Felicity says

    You can’t say “u go beat Kwadwo idiot ‼️wonk))) obi afuom mu da aa wose wode3 na 3so

  8. Badu channel says

    Funny face what's all this I respect you a lot why all this


    I truly like u funny face paa but u didn't tried at all…. 🍁

  10. WISDOM SARBAH says

    Even though funny face if u hv a fracas with kwadwo not on tv stage u will exploded trying to fight him u'r at fault u need to apologize mac bee & those who were invited on that platform period….🍁

  11. Ruth Golden star says

    Live TV paaa

  12. Isaac Ampofi says

    Show business

  13. Jestina cecilia Aku Girentsi says

    Watching from Dubai.. So my people aren't wearing mask and not thinking about sister coronavirus

  14. Bra Mose says

    This is what they always do looking for attention

  15. Bruce David says


  16. Omane Antwi-Boasiako says

    total foolishness

  17. Nana Joe says

    Fake people

  18. louis boateng says

    Ahh you guys are disgrace to our country and kids you guys always claim to be there for
    Men doing this,I NOW RESPECT SISTER AFIA AND FREDA RHYMES for their level of comportment during their heat

  19. Nana ama osei Osei says

    Funny is going through serious depression

  20. Samuel Haizel says

    Is this social distance working at all. Hmmmm

  21. Bismark Cobbinah says

    I think it's kind of a plan drama there, perhaps not real to me Cus this two guys comedians by profession right?

  22. R & D T.V great says

    Funny face clam down please

  23. Omarh Kelvin says

    Yoo funny beat am la, that guy fucked up. U for slap am before

  24. Isaac Otuoacheampong says

    Lilwin is too rude! How well do you act? Even Agya Koo doesn’t brag like that.

  25. Joseph Kuo says

    Publicity stunt

  26. Bobovic . . . says

    Funny Face should portray maturity, Lilwin must respect others emotions.

  27. Bobovic . . . says

    Is this real or acting?

  28. Gifty Serwaa says

    Funny didn't try at all 😄

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