Minecraft Reading my FUNNIEST Comments 😭😭😭 #shorts

In this video, I talk about how Minecraft Reading my FUNNIEST Comments while doing Minecraft parkour!


This style of content is inspired by another Minecraft youtube shorts creator named Jellybean!

This video was edited by @Frost Fox

Unlike other Minecraft But, shorts this video is ORIGINAL, not Minecraft pixel art, Minecraft mods, Minecraft tips, Minecraft builds, Minecraft hacks, Minecraft Challenge, Minecraft Memes, Minecraft Custom, Minecraft Funny, Minecraft Stories, Minecraft INSANE Moments but just me!

#shorts #minecraft #minecraftmemes


39 bình luận cho “Minecraft Reading my FUNNIEST Comments 😭😭😭 #shorts

  1. '(-n-)' Vince go on… Ya know you're a duck, and ducks are part of pride month. '(-v-)' get dunked on, Vince. (-w°) <-(This is supposed to be sans. I'm trying what shara does, she inspired me.)

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