Pawandeep और Shanmukh ने दिया 'O Maria' पे एक Limitless Performance | Indian Idol Season 12

  1. Robin Mywi-art says

    Not good song stop singing this song flakes😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  2. Poonam Singh says

    Pawan deep 👍

  3. Qais Mohammadi says



    Wah pawandeep bhai super

  5. Roh It says


  6. vaibhav Dukare says

    Most wanted drug dealer is here

  7. Abhi Raj says

    Saw this performance becoz of पवनदीप

  8. Raj Singha says

    Very nice

  9. Verma Series says

    Beautiful Bam

  10. Virender Singh singer uk says

    Good bro kya baat hai wow

  11. Laughter & Laughter says

    If you are fan of pawandeep then watch his biography click here to watch #factact

  12. Binali Gogoi khomrang says

    Like this performance more than the original one.. ☺☺😍😍

  13. deepika arya says

    Wow pawan deep both are superb

  14. Bisap Rai says

    I like snamukha priya and pawandeep Rajan💕💕💕 love💖💖💖 u both and I am the biggest fan of you both from nepal

  15. Kola Nithin says

    Shanmukapriya……..10000000000000000000 % good

  16. sachin aryan says

    Very good pawandeep

  17. Shan Home Kitchen says

    Super ❤️👍

  18. surjeet sen says

    Both of them are superb! Wants to playback singing. Wow!

  19. Puran Singh says

    Pawan is a best singer

  20. kD says

    Sanmukh is always rock

  21. sniթթe says


  22. Rahul Roy says

  23. Music Lovers says

    Shanmukha is my best so very nice shanmukhapriya good luck keep it up
    And Pawan deep bro I am from Uttarakhand really you are a good singer keep it up dear good luck and best best wishes to both of you

  24. Santosh Nikam says

    Chutiya jaise gaya isse jyada Achaa bisawajitne gaya tha season 10 main

  25. Brenda Maharaj says

    Two multitalented singer's very versatile

  26. Rasel Khan says

    Definitely 2 in 1 wining champion this season 12 full completely different level singer

  27. Antoinette D'souza says

    Excellent rendition! Pawandeep is very good! And Shanmukhpriya sounds great singing in a softer tone than normal 👍

  28. Anita Tripura says

    Pawan voice 🤩🤩

  29. Arya Aarya says

    Sweet…..not really matching voices and the genres of these two are entirely different …yet this feels good….feels like a fusion performance

  30. Kajal Morya says

    Pawan Bhai apke upar maa saraswati Ka hath hmesha Bana rahe .. we love you bro ❤️❤️

  31. Tejal Ahir says


  32. pramila Padgil says

    Pawan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from pune india

  33. Kalakoti Ashok says


  34. Sampa Saha says

    No body is taking about shanmukh priya

  35. Somblang Thalai says

    Over edited song… Normal song is the best…

  36. Puran Singh says

    Best performance

  37. Kumar Mantu says


  38. anusha v says

    Smp , the best

  39. CurrentAffair Booster says

    The Pawandeep

  40. Adhya Kumari says


  41. Amit Marandi says

    SMP is going to be next Sundhi Chauhan …. amazing Voice 💐💐💐💐

  42. Dipesh Maskey says

    Pawandeep is best

  43. PrAdeePÑeHa. says

    Pawandeep ♥️♥️♥️

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