Quick Tips to MASTER The BUFFED Lifeline In Apex Legends #shorts

Today we have some Quick Tips to MASTER The Buffed Lifeline in Apex Legends with more Apex Legends tips and tricks for the new and improved Lifeline. Let me know if you want more on how to use Lifeline in Apex Legends and if these Apex Tips are helpful! Lifeline is pretty decent although this buff won’t change much with her in the meta.

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34 bình luận cho “Quick Tips to MASTER The BUFFED Lifeline In Apex Legends #shorts

  1. Combat revive is better than a shield. If you want a shield than play Newcastle. Being able to revive and shot is really good, if there was a shield with the auto revive than that would be so busted

  2. Lolol. This is just a buff that'll really only affect pro play in any "major' fashion. Makes pressing the ultimate button fun for lifelines to get skins LOL

  3. She needs the shield back. Maybe it's bias because that what many players are use to but I understand the change.

  4. I don’t think this is enough of a buff and I think they should go back to how she worked in season one

  5. The only thing i would say is ,if ur at the end of a match her ult is pretty much useless because no one is really looting by then

  6. Why everyone is asking for a shield, she can already revive and defend the team at the same time, its insane + the free heal when ur freshly reanimated buddy is batting, wait 5secondeand you're be able to fight again with almost 100% life

  7. Honestly, this doesnt change anything. Her ult is still a joke even with a 3 minute timer. Her drone can be good but it doesn't win you fights.
    Lifeline is overall doing a worse job than new castle when she tries to revive her teammates. She needs the shield when reviving. Itherwise this won't change anything. I expect her pickrate to be slightly higher than normal but this peek will drop in maybe 1 or 2 weeks

  8. She's good now, the problem is her ultimate, where it doesn't hold up as well compared to other ults/offer much to the team.

  9. I hate this buff. Not because it's bad, it's actually really good, and that's the problem. As a lifeline main, now more people are gonna start using her because of all these videos.

  10. This is only a slight stat buff. Overall this won’t affect the meta. Her abilities still don’t sync well with the fast game pace especially as you rank up in my opinion.

  11. Shield needs to be back, like come on now, it aint fair, look at newcastle, he has a shield, and can drag people to safety, what excuse does lifeline have to have no shields

  12. I feel like it wouldn’t matter if she had her shield back, a single Maggie could end up pushing and ending a lifeline even with the shield

  13. I believe life line is good for her small hitbox and some of her kit it's just it takes the right person to play lifeline like it took the right person to play Bangalore for people to see the way they did both are good viable picks but as far as like hiigher tier once you get past say like I don't know gold one lifelines no longer viable for being a healer just because of gibby bubble

  14. The buff is fair plus they need the shield
    Once she gets it she will be a proper good legend to main

    Also first

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