The Scramble for Libya: A Globalized Civil War at Tipping Point


In the wake of recent battlefield developments in Libya, regional and global powers are maneuvering for influence and supremacy, with far-reaching implications …


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  1. Hilmi Yigit says

    Russia has no legitimate stance in libya but turkey is invited upon agreement. Trying to deal with opportunistic cheaters will be challenging. A word for muslim brotherhood, a "gum" chewed frequently, sounds a propaganda which wails for far away onlookers the actual warmongers who send cash, arms to surrounding countries whereas distribute also money for the disinformative "specialist" reports.

  2. Hilmi Yigit says

    That guy celal should be paid well i suppose, as he calls erdoğan an autocrat, whereas no naming for sisi and the puppet miniature coutry's sheik, also the french who rushed to bomb libya before any decision was taken.

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