United Showbiz with Empress Nana Ama McBrown featuring Kumawood Stars (14/11/2020)

  1. Frederick Nyarko says

    Aggressive squad dey here

  2. Frederick Nyarko says

    Good work done

  3. Frederick Nyarko says

    Best moment evet

  4. Frederick Nyarko says

    Best interview ever

  5. GNK Gaming says

    It wasn't any drama 🙄😹….real argument…Kwaku manu is very greedy of Lilwayne

  6. Mohammed Saddique says


  7. Emmanuel Ofori says

    Liwin must not over ride them

  8. Frederick Nyarko says

    Best interview ever done

  9. Num Collins says

    Wawo may God bless you people's and long life

  10. BLV Phạm Nguyên Huy says

    Akrobeto in this video!

  11. Frederick Nyarko says

    Favourite celebrities

  12. Frederick Nyarko says

    Best interview ever held

  13. andrea giambrone says

    barbara d'urso & Platinette from Ghana

  14. Jonas Oppong Gyimerah says

    I love the way kwaku manu and Vivian is very calm n respectful

  15. Jonas Oppong Gyimerah says

    Kwaku Manu is indeed a mature person

  16. Frederick Nyarko says


  17. GH blogs Tv says

    I love akrobeto
    He's a legend
    Everyone knows lil win has a bad attitude

  18. Kabilashay Thito says

    from Nepal ✋✋✋✋

  19. Humble Dzata says

    Stop fooling us, they didn't act a scene as you are purporting. No, it was real, they both spoke their hearts out, the AGGRESSIVE INTERVIEW GUY, he was very real and not acting. they didn't plan anything, this is something eating both of them. you guys decided to say that to throw dust into our eyes. But I like the lies anyway.

  20. Frederick Nyarko says

    Great celebs

  21. Hamdiya ghana hmmm says

    Nice one the

  22. Frederick Nyarko says

    Eii Vivian

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