Who's the Best Dancer? (Duranged) | Lineup | Cut


– Fuck it, let's see a, let'ssee a lineup worm real quick.

(upbeat music) Ugh.

(electronic music) – I don't know, a concert, a dance-off? Something with a band in it? Shit.

– Damn, you guys are, whatkind of shit is this, man? This is a super review.

Aight, let's do it.

I'm ready.

We got the band andshit, let's do this shit.

(drumming) Hello.

– Hi, what kind of dancestyle do you think I do? – See, I don't even know allthe styles of dance there is.

Your feet position tell methat you don't fuck around.

I want to see you pop.

– Pop, okay.

– Drop that shit.

(upbeat music) Okay, damn.

(laughs) Show me some of that classical shit, like you in the ballroomwith the chandelier and shit.

– Okay, you have to do it with me.

– Shit.

(slow romantic music) – Under.

– Under, under? – Under, yes.

– Under, under? (applause) (laughing) – That shit was horrendous.

Alright, so what do you do? – I do waacking.

– See, I don't even knowwhat that is, what is it? (upbeat music) Fire.

– Rate me from one through five.

– Man, that's a five for sho'.

– Thank you- Like, that's a five.

– How's it going, man? – How are you, man? What's goin' on, you good? You want to do some riverdance for us real quick? – Do you want to show me some river dance? (folk music) – Fuck are we doing, man? He definitely ain't no damn river dancer.

What the hell is it that you do? – I'm a hip-hop dancer.

(upbeat piano music) – Real sneakerhead right there.


He ain't fucking around, man, he got that shit down.

I'm gonna give you amotherfucking five, man.

– It was nice to meet you, dawg.

– Hey, the shoes isfuckin' fire, by the way.

– Thank you, dawg.

– Yeah, that shit is tight.

Ooo, hold up.

I think I know.

Can I see you do like some ballet moves? (slow ballet music) (laughing)(clapping) Yeah, I don't know if that was it, some river dancing shit maybe? – That's pretty close.

Riverdance is a show.

It's not the style of dance, it's like calling ballet Swan Lake-ing (laughter) – Oh.

Can we get some of thatriver shit one time? That river dancing shit waselite, you know what I'm saying, like I don't know how you do that without breaking your ankle every time.

– Sometimes I do break myankle, I've been there.

– Fuck, um.

I'm going to just keep it realand give you that five, too.

– Oh, thanks, man.

– You came official – What a relief.

– with yo shit, you know what I'm saying.

Fuck it, we keep it poppin'.

(slow dance music) The fuck are we doing? Let me see you do, like, some like robot-type shit.

(groovy techno music) – There you go! – Duranged robot out here.

I'm nowhere near close toanything you do, right? – Nope, so I am a Bhangra dancer.

Bhangra is a Indian folk dance.

– I hella want to see that.

Can we see you do that? (groovy music) (applause) Fuck yeah.

Okay, the other dances, you know, weren't as dope as thatshit, but that shit, that shit gets a motherfucking five.

– Wow.

(laughing) – Hello.

– How are you? – Good, how are you?- Good.

– So, what do you think? – The plaid kind of lookslike some Grease shit maybe.

– Hmm.

– But you could be like alow-key ballerina just chilling.

– You wanna see some ballet? – Yeah, yeah, hell yeah.

(classical keyboard music) Damn.

I'm gonna give you a motherfucking five.

You were really doin' that whole shit, you know what I'm saying? – You know what that's called? – What is that? – Developpe.

– Developpe?- It's French.

– That's like you kick theshit out of somebody, pow! (laughter) You got some, like, some kindof dress ballroom shoes on, so, like, maybe ballroom contemporary? – What type of ballroomdo you want to see? – I don't even know the kinds, like, how many types is there? – Waltz, tango, foxtrot, Viennesewaltz, quickstep, cha-cha, samba, rumba, Paso, jive, and West Coast Swing.

– I literally don't know anyof that shit you talking about.

But, that shit sounds fireand I'm sure it looks great.

(chill music) Ah, hell naw.

Can you do like some salsa shit? – Do you want to learn some salsa? (laughter) (upbeat music) There you go! (cheers) Gotta get those hips talkin'.

– Ah, no, man, oh no, man.

– Yeah! – I'm trying to fuck it up.

I gotta step my fuckingdance game up for real.

Y'all pullin' my curtain back.

Shit, I'ma just give youa motherfucking five, too Man, fuck it.

This shit looks good to me.

Shit, what can I do, man?- Yay! – What up, man? – How are you? You a fuckin' breakdancing machine man, can you get down on thecardboard without the cardboard? – Yeah, yeah, I could do that for you.

(upbeat music) – [Crew Member] Let's go! – Damn, master.

Bro, when you was posing andthen holding your shit, like, you can definitely do that shit, I think that's what you do.

So, I'm gonna give you that five.

– Aye, you want to learn some breaking? – I'm definitely not gonna get my big ass on the ground like that.

(laughter) – Hi.

– Don't fall, bro, don't fall, see.

– Do I have anything in my teeth? – Uh, nah, you look good man, you got it, yeah, it's good.

– Okay.

– They look white.

Let me see you do likesome, like some crumpin'.

– I think that's not crumping.

– I wanna see you dolike some ballroom shit.

– I think we're gonna haveto do that one together.

(slow ballroom music) – Yeah, this definitely ain't it.

Man, I give up, man.

What the hell is that you do? – It's contemporary lyrical.

The slow like reach, reach, my dog just died.

– No, not really.

I wanna see that shit though.

You're dog died? Yeah, that sounds fucked up.

(sad music) The fuck.

– Do you want me to showyou something really easy? You reached, and yougrabbed the butterfly, but you squeezed it too hard.

So, you were happy, so, then, it died.

– Oh, fuck yeah.

– Yeah, that's it! – That's it? Let's do that shit.

– Okay.

(sad music) – [Crew Member] Yes! (cheering)(applause) Yes! – My butterfly.

Alright, that was fire.

Reminds me of Kano, like Mortal Kombat, ripping his heart out.

I'ma give you that goodol' motherfuckin' five.

Hey, they're good at what theydo, man, what can I fuckin? I have to pick myfavorite out of everybody? (moody music) Fuck, this is going tobe tough as hell, man.

Everybody did they thing.

Ah, shit.

Would you please come to the front? Would you please come to the front? And, my mans, would youplease come to the front? I really fucked with your shit.

Alright, I think I wannasee all three of y'all start out doin' ballet.

(slow music) Next, I wanna see everybodydoin' some hip-hop.

(upbeat piano music) The last style, gonna be yo shit, so let's see everybody breakdown her style real quick, would you say what it is again? – It's called waacking.

– Waacking, that's right.

Could we get some waackingmusic one more time for me? I appreciate y'all, man.

(upbeat music) – Ugh, so now I have tolike make a decision right? They've all fuckin' doneall these different styles, like, great, and did theirthing, you know what I'm saying.

But, if I gotta just pick one.

I have to go with you.

(cheering)(applause) (upbeat piano music) – [Crew Member] Woo-hoo! (clapping).

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